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5 Simple Candy Crush Tips You Didn’t Know About

With so many candies to crush and so little time, candy crush tips are in popular demand right now! Catch up with our tips right here.

Our 5 simple candy crush tips are…

  • Try to avoid paying for power up’s – If you have patience, you can avoid spending any money on the game whatsoever. It may be free in the sense that it’s free to download, but like many other games, power ups and add ons cost real life money. While there’s no harm in getting a lollipop hammer or some end of level fish every once in a while, if you just remain patient and accept gifts from friends, you will pass the level as well as save yourself some money.
  • Use two colour bombs at the same time – These speckled chocolate candies are the be all and end all of any difficult level. Using one alone will help you tremendously, but if you swap two of them together, it’ll clear your board and leave you with some amazing points!
  • Don’t rely on the in-game candy crush tips – we’ve all been there, staring at our screens, wondering where to go next. Then a candy starts flashing – the game is helping us! STOP! Be very weary of this. The computer can only tell you where you can actually make a move, not how you can make a strategic move. Take note of the flashing candies, but see if you can map out your own moves based on that tip, rather than using it.
  • Move vertically for ingredients – Fruits and nuts can become the bane of your life in Candy Crush Saga. Trying to get them all down to the bottom can become a complete nightmare! The answer is to make sure you’re always moving vertically, not horizontally. This will ensure the ingredients reach the bottom quicker.
  • Switch between devices – Uh oh, you’ve ran out of lives on your mobile. No worries! Switch to Facebook on your PC, and you’ll have the full 5 lives again!

Candy crush tips don’t have to involve cheating…

Just a few small manipulations of the game and how it works is enough to make sure you get past all those pesky levels that just don’t want to budge!

Quick Hints and Cheats for Candy Crush Saga

It’s a known fact that simple games like Candy Crush Saga have been popular for years. The ‘match 3 in a row’ types have been popular ever since the Playstation 1 came to light, and they’ve rapidly expanded along with the advancements in technology.

Candy Crush Saga has been around since April 2012 on Facebook, and November 2012 on mobile platforms, and still to this day it’s one of the top 10 downloaded apps on both the Android and Apple markets. This is no mean feat considering most apps come and go.

But what if you’re stuck on a level?

It’s no secret that as you start going up levels, they become much harder to defeat. It’s fair to say that Candy Crush Saga has had a fair share of rage quits – people who have quit the game as a consequence of frustration. Fortunately, that doesn’t need to happen anymore, thanks to a whole host of emerging candy crush cheats and tips that are surfacing online.

Although they’re called cheats, perhaps it’s best not to think of them like that. Cheating gives us the impression that we’re doing things we shouldn’t be in order to avoid a problem. However, most of the Candy Crush tips available are actually just ways to get AROUND a problem, not avoid it. Letting things regenerate, opening multiple Facebook tabs for unlimited lives, it’s all things that we can do, just perhaps didn’t know about.

Candy Crush cheats don’t necessarily mean you’re cheating

Think of it simply as playing the game smartly. Candy Crush has become such a big part of many people’s lives that it almost warrants a little bit of time and thought in order to progress. Trying to rush through a level will, 9 out of 10 times, not work in your favour, but knowing some of the Candy Crush cheats available will certainly help. People have spent hours, days, weeks, even months stuck on one particular level! Yes, it’s good to give it a shot and a fair try, but sometimes, even the most hard core Candy Crush player needs a helping hand.  So why not let us help you here.

Candy Crush Saga: Biggest Selling App?

Candy Crush Saga is, without doubt, one of the biggest selling apps on the mobile market and one of the most played games on Facebook. However, as the levels go higher, the candy definitely gets harder to beat! But did you know there are a whole plethora of candy crush cheats available that can help you out of a sticky situation?

One of the biggest problems with Candy Crush Saga is getting stuck. You can often tell just by looking at a level whether or not you’re going to have a hard time. How handy it would be to be able to shuffle your candy without losing a life! Fortunately, this is entirely possible. As soon as you open a level, look at what you’ve got to work with before making any moves. If it just looks like it’s going to be a difficult one, simply press the exit button and then re-enter the level. The candy will automatically shuffle and you can assess the situation again. Do this as many times as you like! Who said candy crush cheats had to be difficult?

But what about when you’ve lost all 5 lives on a particularly difficult level and still haven’t passed it? That’s simple. If you’re playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook on your PC or laptop, there is a quick and easy way to get infinite lives. Wait for all 5 lives to regenerate, then open Candy Crush in multiple tabs on your web browser. Each game in each tab will automatically have 5 lives and you can use each and every one of them until you beat the level. Once you’ve beat it, you’ll have to refresh all the tabs, but it’s one very easy way to get past the harder levels without having to wait!

Candy crush cheats are obviously the most effective way of beating those stubborn candy blocks without trying for days to get past one level! There’s cheats available for both your mobile devices and Facebook, so keep an eye out for them and find out just how much they can help you!

Psst. Go on, you know you want a Candy Crush cheat

Candy crush cheats are becoming increasingly more popular as the levels get harder. It’s worth remembering though that you’re not technically cheating – just using your initiative in order to help you progress in the game! While there are a number of candy crush tips and cheats out there, we’ve got all of them, and then some. In fact, we’ve got the best!

If you’re looking for some quick tips or tricks, how about these ones?

It might be tempting to use special candies as soon as you get them, but for some levels, using them strategically is the only way to pass. One of your biggest assets is always going to be the striped candy – capable of taking out whole rows of stubborn, difficult to move sweets that are causing a whole blockage on your board. The important thing is to think ahead – where would this candy be the most beneficial? If you plan your candies in advance, you will certainly reap the rewards.

If you’re already strategically using your candies, great! So what else can you do? Wait – what’s this little pink bow on my Candy Crush Saga board? The pink bows are one of the more hidden gems when it comes to candy crush tips. What this basically means is that one of your friends on Facebook has given you a gift – 3 extra moves. We all know how vital those 3 extra moves can be, so use them! On your mobile device, the moves will be added automatically. On Facebook though, you have to select the extra moves before starting the level, otherwise they won’t show up.

It’s knowing these simple candy crush tips that will inevitably lead to victory over those pesky candies and regenerating chocolates. Simply playing the game will work also, but you might find yourself sitting on the same level for hours, days, even weeks before you finally reach that glorious moment of completing an extremely difficult level. Practice does indeed make perfect, and knowing how to use your candies is always beneficial, but sometimes, a little cheat or trick here or there will make your game so much more fun.

How to Get More Lives on Candy Crush


Have you been stuck on Candy Crush?

Nearly completing that level, before you find out you need to wait 20 minutes before you can try again?

Well now with the information below you can have as many lives as you want, and when you want too!

First Step:

Go to your mobile phone to tablet settings and turn off the the option to set the date/time automatically.



Second Step:

Every time you run out of lives, the move the date forward by a day.

Third Step:

Open Candy Crush and there you go, all your lives are back!

Once you have finished Candy Crush for the day (If there is a such thing) remember to set your date and time back to the original settings!